When do I get the booking conformation and the cab details?

The booking is confirmed instantly. The cab details are sent subsequently 2 hours prior to travel time.

Is the cab confirmed if I select the “pay to cash collection agent” option?

No. The car is blocked for you. In case you fail to pay the amount to our cash collection agent at the time suggested by you, the cab will be cancelled and email and SMS will be sent to you.



What is the advanced amount in pay-per-use option?

The amount is calculated based on the duration of use and approximate round trip distance as per the Google API. This amount is not the final charge as it does not include additional local kilometers that a guest would travel. 

What is included in the fixed daily cost?

The fixed cost includes car and chauffeur charges. There are no additional hidden charges. The interstate taxes are also included in the pricing. Please note that toll and parking shall be paid by the guest at the time of travel is not included in the invoice.

What is the difference between toll tax and interstate tax?

Toll tax is paid at highways for building and maintenance by any vehicle using that road for transit. Interstate tax or permit is levied on commercial vehicles when they enter a new state.



What are the online payment options?

We accept all types of credit cards – Visa, MasterCard and Amex. We also accept all debit cards and have net banking options. 

When is the “Pay to chauffeur” option available?